Unsatisfied love — Aradhana Biswas

The mind is singing badly. A week later, Aunt’s daughter Sumi called. She got stuck trying to say something. He just said, I have a lot to say to him, he will tell me later. I did not insist. I will listen to Sumi whenever she wants. He has every right to keep his words secret. I forgot that under the pressure of worldly work. Suddenly the thought for Sumi has been shaking her head since last night.

Today is Baishakh. Rabindra Sangeet has been coming to Mike since morning. The mind is also singing two lines over and over again, “The night my door was broken by a storm.” Rabindranath is present in our dreams, in our awakening. Sumi sings wonderfully beautiful Rabindra Sangeet.

His song pushes deep into the depths of the mind, moving all beings. What did Sumi want to say that day? What’s the matter? No, something he couldn’t even say. I did not call. I felt very selfish.
The melody was cut off and the mobile phone on the table rang. The picture of the mother floated on the screen above.

What kind of question is this again? Mom knows, Kikri is at eleven this morning. I also said,

  • I’m getting a cook.
  • Can I come here once I’m done cooking? Let’s go Aunt’s home.

The inside of the chest twisted. Who is beating the drum there. I remembered the bad words of the past. I said in a trembling voice, ‘Is Sumi all right?’ Mother said, she doesn’t even know herself. Mom called Aunt to come.

When I reached Aunt’s house with my mother, it was late afternoon. My head is tingling with what I heard, maybe now I will faint. Sumi was hanging by a rope around her neck last night. The police came around 10 am and took the body down.

Everyone has been questioned. He said he would come again. No one knows why Sumi did that. Didn’t say anything to anyone. The Aunt just broke down in tears. Sumi was a very calm, quiet girl, with a heavy sweet melody around her neck. What happened is that Sumi chose this road.

Did Sumi want to tell him that secret of her mind that day? Being very angry with myself, why didn’t I force the girl that day! Maybe I didn’t even want to say.
I came back to my home after some time as my body was feeling bad. I didn’t want to discuss this with the landlord. He didn’t bother me either. I was drowning in Sumi’s thoughts all day.

The mentally exhausted body has embraced sleep as soon as it gets to bed at night. It will be three o’clock at night, the sleep is suddenly broken. The householder is fast asleep in the next bed. . I can feel someone’s presence in the dark room. After a while that shadow came to my head.

I felt a light touch on my forehead. The body became creepy. With a little courage in mind, I asked, ‘Are you Sumi? ‘I didn’t get any answers. I can feel his movement all over the house. Hands and feet are shaking in terror. Yet I have to know, why did Sumi do that?

I felt him go out of my house. I followed him and got out of bed. I went to the switch board and tried to turn on the light, but the light did not come on. In the street light floating through the window, I could clearly see the shadow in the corridor. The face cannot be seen. Just like the shadows fall against the light. Courageously I said, ‘What happened Sumi? Why did I do that? Aunt, I never thought about Piso. ‘

It was as if the shadow had broken down in tears. Then he wrote on the wall with a stream of tears, ‘Samar’. Then suddenly I heard the sound of a baby crying. The sound seemed to be coming from inside the shadow’s body. In a moment, with tears in her eyes, it was as if a fire was burning.

A moaning sound, which made him feel very angry, then he went to the door and mingled. I went back to bed, but couldn’t sleep. What did he write, Samar! Suddenly I remembered, I know Samar, he lives in the neighborhood of Aunt. Sumi’s song teacher. I have to go in the morning to see the matter.

The next day I went to Aunt’s house and found out that Samar had a heart attack at around four in the morning last night. The people of his house do not understand how all this happened. Samar’s aunt said that a faint scream was heard from her house at night, but she did not pay much attention to it. She woke up this morning crying because she felt guilty.

I never told anyone about last night’s incident. Sumi has fulfilled her revenge, if her soul finds peace in it. As far as I know, I understood that Samar’s marriage was fixed next month. I found out secretly from one of Sumi’s girlfriends that Samar had secretly married Sumi in the temple, then their relationship had spread far and wide. In the end, Samar denied that. Their distance also increased a lot.

Sumi’s mourning is over. The autopsy report states that she was pregnant. Aunt’s family is ashamed, sadly he didn’t want to tell anyone. I heard it from my mother’s mouth later. The police did not cause much trouble as Samar died. Sumi took her child’s father with her. Now maybe he’s fine with Samar. The love that has not been fulfilled in this world will be fulfilled in the hereafter. ‘In death you are like me. ‘

Originally published at http://storyandreader.in on May 26, 2020.



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Story and Article

Story and Article

বাংলা ভাষার সাহিত্য পত্রিকা । যে কোনো সময় লেখা পোস্ট করা যায় । ফেসবুক https://www.facebook.com/storyandarticle পত্রিকার লিঙ্ক https://storyandarticle.com