Ghost events -There is no explanation — Sudip Ghoshal

My friend Milu has returned from Kolkata today. Back to meeting me first. I said, Milu, how are you? Milu said I’m fine. How are you? I said I’m fine, but without saying that, Milu told me to meet Ashish. I came to tell the story.

My interest in listening increased. At first, I said what did Ashish say — I took all the news. I ate nuts. You ate but did Ashish eat or not? Ashish did not eat and put it in his pocket, said I will eat later. What else did Ashishmili say, he said I went to Vellore, my heart condition is not good, I am a guest of this world for a few more days. I said I didn’t say it for a few hours, I remember.

No, I don’t remember, but I don’t understand why you are asking such a question like a detective. I said you drink water first. Then I will say. Friend drinks water. Then he said tell me what news is updated.

I said Ashish died at five o’clock this morning. I couldn’t go to the crematorium because my uncle was dead. I’m unclean. The friend said then I was stuck on the train with whom I came. I was at eight o’clock now at 12:00 noon. So this time I did not come with the blessing of a friend.

I said let’s take you to the doctor and he will tell you how you are doing.
The friend came. Milu first said on the doctor’s face, “Am I crazy, doctor?”

Doctor Babu said, “Everyone is crazy except themselves in a crazy way.” You can’t ask this question if you’re crazy. The doctor added, “Whoever can ask himself the question, ‘Am I crazy?’ The friend told the whole incident to the doctor.

He heard the whole story and said that there are still some things in the world that have no explanation. The argument will be later. Not all mysteries are solved. The existence of ghosts is not impossible if God exists. I can recognize in the dark in the light of the Bermuda Triangle Kulkinara science has been able to do? How much do people know about space?

We left with Milu and I went to the village. My uncle’s shraddha is tomorrow. At home all day.

The spirit is manifested the next night. Said brother-in-law, your uncle is dead. So the house has been to blame. Have to cut. After buying something according to the Tantric order, we went to the Kali floor of the crematorium the next day. Their Tantric uncle started his sadhana.

It is now ten o’clock at night. The skull of the dead began to eat. Pieces of that zeolite fish with a cutter. Tantric cutting fish. And giving the head of the dead as if eating like a human. The head of the corpse is eating raw fish. We were terrified.

Tantric uncle said I am not afraid. But when the soul leaves the house, you will have a small evil. When I came home, I heard that the branches of our big mango tree were broken and the rice in the tile was broken.

My father said, when I first feel the feeling of fear, it seems that my heart is pounding, I feel restless, I feel nauseous, my face is getting dry. My uncle said, relax quickly without delay. Take a deep breath slowly through the nose, fill all the empty space inside the chest with air, hold the breath for a while, then exhale slowly through the mouth.

Do this three times in a row. Stop thinking about ghosts and fears to get out of the fear of ghosts. Ask yourself, is there really a ghost? Or are you scared for some unknown reason?

Have you or anyone you know ever seen ghosts? What kind of damage has been done? Find the answers and think if there is any reason to be afraid at all. We will think about all this.

Dad said you are talking like a doctor. Ghosts, spirits are exaggerated in these matters. Horror movies, dramas help to create fear about ghosts and spirits in us.

Uncle said, we also do the treatment first. Then where it ends then Tantra begins. So if you can’t control yourself by watching such movies, dramas, then avoid such dramas, movies, storybooks. To overcome fear, you have to deal with fear directly.

You may be afraid to be alone at night for fear of ghosts, keep the lights on in the house — start to be alone at night to get out of this situation. Think about how many people live alone in the world. Why would you if the ghosts did not attack them? Ghosts have no special enmity with you.

Make it a habit to stay home alone with the lights on first. It will be hard at first, then try. If you can on the first day, thank yourself, give small rewards. If you are used to being alone in this way, take steps to turn off the lights in the room alone.

Try to overcome the fear slowly in this way. Do your favorite things like listening to music, watching TV, reading storybooks to divert the mind from the fear. If you are afraid to look out the window, keep the window open. Go to the window and stand and look outside. If you look at the window, do not close your eyes.

But refrain from checking, again and again, to see if there is anything. Tell yourself how many times I have been frightened by the sound or the sound, or misinterpreted what I have seen outside. Will?

What could be worst? What is the risk of this happening? When you are scared, write down what you are afraid of on the paper, tear the paper at the end of the writing or burn it. Think of ghosts or spirits like you. They have nothing to fear.

There is no evidence that ghosts have ever harmed anyone. Stories we hear about ghosts from a very young age create a horrible picture of ghosts in our minds. This creates fear among us. It stays the same for a long time. So try not to do such stories with children.

Give yourself enough time to get out of fear. Think about your previous success. Think about what steps you took after facing a difficult problem before, how you came out.

It will help boost your morale. Tell yourself, ‘Don’t give in to fear. Fear can come. This is normal. I know the fear is unfounded. So there is nothing to be afraid of. Rather we will do whatever it takes to overcome the fear.

Check out the comedy movies about ghosts. Try to remember what ghosts try to do in horror movies and laugh openly. It is possible to overcome fear by joking about something. Tell more stories about ghosts to others, have fun. Many times, fear of ghosts can be associated with mental illness.

It will not be possible to eliminate it just by following the small advice there. So if you can’t get rid of the fear of ghosts on your own, take the help of a psychiatrist, medical psychologist. Since the fear of ghosts is at night, do something that you can relax before going to sleep.

When sleeping, sleep with a little light on. If there is anything hanging on the ceiling or window, remove it so that it does not create fear at night. What will happen to the ghost? I am scared like this. Now fear scares me. Dad said, we have taken refuge in you to get rid of this fear.

Uncle said, well done. Get it if needed. I am a perfect Tantric. I don’t find vampires like Pancho Kanavulo. Milu said to his father. What a mess I got out of Calcutta. Life went on in the company of two ghosts.

I went to visit Milu’s mess house after a month. Menu and many others live there. Asis used to stay here and then shop elsewhere. It is very difficult to untie the ropes, but if the food we cooked was overturned yesterday, then none of the members will do it.

Because the food is not for everyone to eat, then no one will throw away their own food. I said, then call our patriarchal brother-in-law again, he will surely make some arrangements.

But when he came to Boarding Houses, it was four o’clock in the afternoon. I said, “Why are you so late? Why aren’t you telling me to go? Dad, don’t tell me. So I was fine.

But why is this happening on the road? Then it was too late to take the driver to the doctor. That is why I saw the Tantric mantra saying that after entering the house all night, he said that there was a ghostly thing in this house.

He said, “Look, there’s another piece of jewelry in your house. He found a brass ring.” Minu said, “Come on, Shanti. When the Image was at home, he was unemployed. The brass ring was very dear to him. This ring was very dear to him and he loved that the girl we all know Jhunu said sister Sudha in the war.

Sudha got married a few days after Ashish’s death and left for Kanpur. The man said, “You haven’t heard. Sudha died of a disease in Kanpur yesterday.” It doesn’t matter, just the reunion of the soul, then the Tantric began to say to everyone worthy, you all boss, no one will move here.

Then the pursuit would be interrupted. For about an hour we were all praying for peace for the soul of Ashis but since the next day, there has been no more disturbance in the mess house. We still have a group of friends. There are very few people who have not heard or been afraid of ghost stories.

I want to tell you a story I have seen in my own life. I was then a student of Bilveswar High School. I had a lot of friends. Bishu was the chief among them.

Now the name of the person I will talk about is Alok. His house is Komdanga. Bishu, the head of our group, was in charge of all the cultural events held at the school. And the head comes as soon as the ear is pulled. As soon as he raised his hand, a group of friends appeared. Bishu means all of us. Our friends are fans of this benevolent leader.

It was decided at the school that this time Rabindra Nath Tagore’s birthday would be celebrated in the evening. Drama, recitation, songs will all. The boys of the hostel said, Bishuda, you have to stay. Bishu thought about his friends and said, our house is far away. About four crores away.

The program will be incomplete without you. If necessary, he will spend the night in the hostel. Bishu said, so will it be, sir. There will be no difficulty. But you can’t stay at night. — Why? Do you have such a kingdom?
-Sir, I stay at night with three old women in Dom Para of my village. I don’t stay anywhere at night for their convenience.

Originally published at on May 28, 2020.



বাংলা ভাষার সাহিত্য পত্রিকা । যে কোনো সময় লেখা পোস্ট করা যায় । ফেসবুক পত্রিকার লিঙ্ক

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Story and Article

Story and Article

বাংলা ভাষার সাহিত্য পত্রিকা । যে কোনো সময় লেখা পোস্ট করা যায় । ফেসবুক পত্রিকার লিঙ্ক